A Bit About Us

Ekuphumleni Old Age Home established in 1983 by a group of retired professionals and other passionate individuals in Port Elizabeth. They saw a need to mitigate care and protection challenges in our black and African communities and cater to the needs of the elderly.
Thanks to a donation of a building, which was used as single men's quarters housing the migrant workers that were working at PE Harbour, and later used by Dora Nginza Hospital, and which donation was made courtesy of the former PE Black Administration and the facility was subsequently Christened Ekuphumleni old age Home.
In the year 2002, The organisation was registered in terms of the NPO Act of 1997.
Today EOAH shelters and cares for elderly residents who don't have any means to support themselves. The facility allows them to live out their twilight years with dignity. 


Ekuphumleni Pride

Ekuphumleni old age home knows that our strength lies not only in the words we standby but most importantly through the actions of our care service.
We pride ourselves on being an alternative when no one else is there to offer them the care they need. We strive to provide the highest care and companionship, believing that no one should be abandoned or neglected in their old age home and our facility strive to give them assurance through our passionate staff and volunteers.