Support Us

The cost of operating the programme is dependent on minimal subsidy by ECDSD, donations from churches, corporate, foundations, sponsors, individuals and minimal contribution by the patients in the form of boarding and lodging.




  • Volunteering your time to assist in some allocated operational duties i.e. filing, cleaning, serving of food etc.

  • Volunteering in preparing and planting of gardening

  • Offer recreational activities and exercises for the older persons,

  • Volunteering to assist in the cutting of finger nails, treating and cutting their hairs.

NB: Prior arrangement and covid regulation need be adhered to


  • Groceries - which list can be made available when requested,

  • Medical consumables in the form of nappies, over the counter BCO, Cough Mixture, Pain pills etc.

  • BP Machines,

  • Single Beds and Wadrops x 60

  • Industrial Generator

Thank you in advance for your contribution.


Let us know how you’d like to show your support.

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Infrastructure Needed

  • Fire detectors and fitting of hose-reel

  • Interkom (reactivation)

  • Fitting of extracting fan in the main kitchen, including the fitting of 3rd sink in the kitchen

  • Building of covered passage walkway between wards/blocks

  • Fitting of AIR Conditioners for 5 blocks/wards

  • Paving resurfacing including finishing other gaps

  • Floodlights in 4 strategic corners of the facility (outside)

  • Renovation of Recreational Hall

Materials Needed

  • Medical Equipment i.e. Scale, Thermometer with Battery operated thermometer probe, Nebulizer Machine, Baumanometer machine x 3, Glucometer x 3, Ventolin Solution Bottles, normal saline solution, Oxygen Cylinder, Regulator, Plastic Oxygen Mask and tubing,

  • Exercise equipment for the Geriatric

  • Steam Industrial Iron, laundry machines and frail bath x 2

  • Lounge furnisher for 5 blocks/wards, 2 Plasma TV,

  • Kombi Vehicle

  • Hope you will find this in order and do not hesitate to contact the underwritten for further clarities and information that you may require.

Thank you in advance for your contribution.